I am Ivo, but my friends call me IMent. I started producing and mixing in high school. Then I started hip-hop and house playing in the clubs and spending more time in the studio.
An year ago I released the „Animal“ single, which was widely popular. I’m currently working on two major projects that will be out soon.
DJ / Producer / Songwriter / Mix Engineer / DoP

Danail Naydenov

An endless professional with proven skills in many areas. Whatever expert I'm looking for, I always turn to Ivo first.
Founder of:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

DoP of the campaign of Egmont Bulgaria and Popcorn Movies BG for the new film from the

Star Wars saga – StarWars: „The Last Jedi“


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Popcorn Movies BG Podcast

Official OST to the podcast of Popcorn Movies BG



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